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6.630 Electromagnetic Theory

Maxwell Rules!
(3.3 0.0 9.5)

Lecturer: J. Kong
Lecturer's Rating: J. Kong 6.4/7.0
Prerequisites: 8.02, 18.02, 6.014 helps.
Response rate: 25 out of 44
Difficulty: 4.7/7.0
Overall Rating: 5.9/7.0
Term Evaluated: Fall 2001

Lecturer's Comments:


6.630 is a grad-level introductory class on electromagetic waves. It provided solid background in the theory of electromagetic waves, but did not cover many applications. Lecture, problem sets, and reading were the most useful in learning the material. Students in the class were mostly Course VI graduate students in Area IV (Energy and Electromagnetic Systems) with a few Course VI undergraduates and Course III graduate students.

Most students took this class in order to use it in their research. The class solidified students' knowledge in E&M. Anybody who is interested in E&M should take this class.

Lecturer J. Kong (6.4/7.0, 25 responses) was praised for his well-structured and humorous lectures. His explanations were clear and organized. His interesting stories and histories kept students alert during boring topics. However, there were a few suggestions that he should have covered more material.

TA I. Wu (5.0/7.0, 21 responses) received mixed review. Some students thought he was knowledgeable and available whereas some thought that his explanations were vague and needed more elaboration. He should also have returned corrected problem sets more promptly.

The problem sets were hard, time-consuming, and mathy. On average, it took 8.0 hours (21 responses) to do a problem set. However, they were essential to learning the material. There was not much collaboration among students, and bibles would not be useful.

The textbook was extremely useful, especially when it was used as a lecture complement, not a substitute.

Grades in 6.630 are based on 12 problem sets (34%), and 2 quizzes (66%). Quizes were easier than problem sets and were graded fairly.

Suggestion for the class included more application, especially those related transmision lines and circuits.

"Kong is King!"

"If you like E+M, take it."

Dated: January 1, 2002
Eta Kappa Nu, MIT