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6.630 Electromagnetics (H)

(4.1 0.2 5.2)

Lecturer: : J. Kong
Lecturer's Rating: 6.8/7.0
Prerequisites: 8.02 or 6.013, 18.02, 18.03, 6.002
Response rate: 26 out of 35
Difficulty: 3.7/7.0
Overall Rating: 6.3/7.0
Term Evaluated: Fall 2005

Lecturer's Comments:


6.630 covered the basics of E&M theory, Maxwell's Equations, transmission lines, waveguides, reflection/transmission, and included some applications.


  • Prof. Kong
  • Maxwell Stories


  • Too easy

Most students in the class were graduate students. Some said class was related to their research, or they just wanted a refresher on E&M. Others took the class for the qualifying exams.

Lecturer J. Kong (6.8/7.0, 26 responses) was described as one of the best lecturers at MIT. He derived everything from first principles and was an exciting lecturer. His stories about Maxwell were very entertaining.

TA B. Kemp (6.1/7.0, 19 responses) was very helpful in tutorial and office hours. He knew the material well and could explain it clearly.

The problem sets were useful, and not too long or difficult. Students mostly did not need to collaborate and they did not use bibles.

The textbook was written by the lecturer and it followed lectures closely. The book was mostly considered well-written.

The two quizzes were each worth 33% of the overall grade. Problem sets were the other 34%. The exams were open book (though not open notes) and were not very difficult. They questions were similar to problem sets.

Be sure to get the newest edition of the book! The older ones are different.

"Kong is Awesome"

Dated: April 30, 2006
Eta Kappa Nu, MIT