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6.632 Electromagnetic Wave Theory (H)

Intramural EM Surfing Team
(4.2 1.3 4.8)

Lecturer: : JA Kong
Lecturer's Rating: 6.7/7.0
Prerequisites: 6.013, 6.630, 18.01, 18.02, 18.03, 8.02, Endurance for long lectures
Response rate: 22 out of 30
Difficulty: 5.2/7.0
Overall Rating: 6.1/7.0
Term Evaluated: Spring 2005

Lecturer's Comments:


6.632 was a class on electromagnetic wave theory for graduate students. Over the semester students studied waves and used examples to more clearly understand them.


  • Kong's Lectures
  • Maxwell
  • Anecdotes of scientists
  • Xudong's office hours
  • No final


  • Relativity
  • Homework had too much derivation
  • Long psets

Students took 6.632 because they needed it for research, were interested in E&M, or because it fulfilled a requirement.

Lecturer JA Kong (6.7/7.0, 21 responses) had good stories for lecture. He could keep two hour lectures interesting. He explained the material well and is one of the best lecturers at MIT.

TA X. Chen (5.9/7.0, 19 responses) was a bit nervous at times, but understood the material very well.

The problem sets, which took an average of 4.8 hours a week were helpful to fully understand the material. They were demanding at times, and the solutions didn't go into enough detail. Most students collaborated.

The text for this class was "Electromagnetic Wave Theory" by J. A. Kong, the professor for the class. It was useful and clear, as were the class notes.

Two tests were given, each accounting for 33% of the final grade. The tests were easier than the problem sets, and very fair. The questions on the tests were discussed in lecture and in the book. The final 34% of the final grade was determined by the problem sets.

Read the text and attend lecture, and all of the exam questions should be similar to stuff that has already been seen in class.

"Math Sucks"

Dated: December 04, 2005
Eta Kappa Nu, MIT