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6.635 Advanced Electromagnetism (H)

I Have Yet to Learn Electromagnetism
(3 0 3.75)

Lecturer: T. Grzegorczyk, J. Kong
Lecturer's Rating: 5.6/7.0, 6.8/7.0
Prerequisites: 6.632, 6.630, 6.013, research experience in EM, math background
Response rate: 12 out of 23
Difficulty: 5.1/7.0
Overall Rating: 5.7/7.0
Term Evaluated: Spring 2003

Lecturer's Comments:

This subject covers advanced EML left-handed media, Green's function far layered, periodic media. numerical methods (method of moments), basic scattering, scattering by surfaces (rough & periodic), and volume scatterings. Students who have a research topic or interest close to one of the subjects covered should take advanced EM. EM is present in various aspects of research (from low frequencies to very high frequency). Students can get more by participating and doing excercises.

In this class, a variety of topics to be covered were selected by students at the beginning of the semester from a list. The main reason to take this course would be to gain more EM background; the class helps to broaden EM knowledge through a study of high level theory. So, when 6.013, 6.630, and 6.632 fail to satiate an apetite for EM, 6.635 is a must-take class that will do the trick.


  • Broad range of topics
  • Professors
  • Class notes


  • Math
  • Too few problem sets

Students took this class to broaden EM knowledge, to learn EM for research purposes, and to become acquainted with EM, scattering problems, and LHM.

Lecturer T. Grzegorczyk (5.6/7.0, 11 responses) sometimes wrote too small, but that was excusable since there the board was filled almost every time. He was well organized, enthusiastic, and gave very good lectures, but could use some variety to create interest in the somewhat dry material, perhaps with more examples and anecdotes.

Lecturer J. Kong (6.8/7.0, 12 responses) was amazing. Most students thought he was the best lecturer they ever had.

Problem sets were helpful, but some students wished that there were more. The switch between project and problem sets was difficult for some students. Solutions would have been helpful.

The class had a good text book and class notes beautifully typed in pdf format. Students really appreciated that they were online.

A final project and a report served as a basis for a grade in the class.

Find a good project for this class and make sure it fits well with your research.

"Make me work harder."

Dated: September 03, 2003
Eta Kappa Nu, MIT