Jin Au Kong
President of The Electromagnetics Academy (1989-2008)

EM Class by Jin Au Kong

Classroom is my stage of act, I love teaching.
I need many blackbords, water, fresh mints to stop my cough. No rings and Don't be late.
--- by Jin Au Kong

Prof. Kong says that this course explain the universe and it really does!
--- by 2006 HKN Evaluation

MIT Course: 6.630 Electromagnetics
2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, by HKN, MIT

An introductory subject on electromagnetics, emphasizing fundamental concepts and applications of Maxwell equations. Topics include: polarization, dipole antennas, wireless communications, forces and energy, phase matching, dielectric waveguides and optical fibers, transmission line theory and circuit concepts, antennas, and equivalent principle. Examples deal with electrodynamics, propagation, guidance, and radiation of electromagnetic waves.

MIT Course: 6.632 Electromagnetic Wave Theory
2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, by HKN, MIT

A graduate subject on electromagnetic wave theory, emphasizing mathematical approaches, problem solving, and physical interpretation. Topics include: waves in media, equivalence principle, duality and complementarity, Huygens' principle, Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffraction, dyadic Green's functions, Lorentz transformation, and Maxwell-Minkowski theory. Examples deal with limiting cases of Maxwell's theory and diffraction and scattering of electromagnetic waves. Every Spring term.

MIT Course: 6.635 Advanced Electromagnetism
2003 by HKN, MIT

Materials covered include: special relativity, electrodynamics of moving media, waves in dispersive media, microstrip integrated circuits, quantum optics, remote sensing, radiative transfer theory, scattering by rough surfaces, effective permittivities, random media, Green's functions for planarly layered media, integral equations in electromagnetics, method of moments, time domain method of moments, EM waves in periodic structures: photonic crystals and negative refraction.

“Kong is Awesome” ---Dated: April 30, 2006, Eta Kappa Nu, MIT
Lecturer: J. A. Kong
Lecturer's Rating: 6.8/7.0
WHAT'S HOT: Prof. Kong, Maxwell Stories
WHAT'S NOT: Too easy
Lecturer J. Kong (6.8/7.0, 26 responses) was described as one of the best lecturers at MIT. He derived everything from first principles and was an exciting lecturer. His stories about Maxwell were every entertaining.
The problem sets were useful, and not too long or difficult. Students mostly did not need to collaborate and they did not use bibles.
The textbook was written by the lecturer and it followed lectures closely. The book was mostly considered well-written.
The two quizzes were each worth 33% of the overall grade. Problems sets were the other 34%. The exams were open book (though not open notes) and were not very difficult. They questions were similar to problem sets.

Student Comments: 6.630 in Fall 2006 - 1
Student Comments: 6.630 in Fall 2006 - 2
Student Comments: 6.630 in Fall 2007 - 1
Student Comments: 6.630 in Fall 2007 - 2

Student Comments: 6.013 in Spring 2007 - 1
Student Comments: 6.013 in Spring 2007 - 2

ZJU Course: Eletromagnetic Wave Theory (电磁波理论)

本课程是一门电磁学的入门课程,讲述基于麦克斯韦方程的电磁学基本理论以及相关应用。重点揭示电磁波的基本运动规律---波矢量k的三个重要基础规律(Dispersion Relation, Phase Matching, Guidance Condition)。通过本课程学习,初学者能够直接切入电磁理论的核心,为今后学习电磁波的应用课程打好坚实的理论基础。主要专题包括:麦克斯韦方程与本构关系、电磁波极化、洛仑兹力、电磁能量、相位匹配、波的传输与反射、波导与光纤、传输线和天线理论等。 课程教材内提供大量与应用相关的例题与习题,供有兴趣的学生进行深入的学习与理解。


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